Message Trailers

We are the exclusive dealer of Solar Tech products for a 50 mile radius near Washington, PA. Solar Tech offers a wide range of traffic safety equipment with the only 5 year bumper to bumper warranty available, the highest in the industry. This is included, as these units are designed and constructed to the highest standards. Solar Tech is the oldest manufacturer of solar-powered portable trailers, solar-powered flashing arrows and changeable message signs resulting in the most experience available in the industry. All signs come with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and a lifetime data plan for off site maintenance and configuration. All units are NTCIP compliant and even exceed the standards. Remote GPS and tracking standard.

Vehicle Mounted Arrow and Message Boards by Solar Tech gives you the ability to warn and alert motorist with out the need for a tow behind sign. These signs have various different mounting options, from a fixed or pivot mount in the back of a truck, to roof or over cab mounts giving you the ability to still use the bed of your truck. There are two options for the sign type either an arrow board or a message sign. The arrow boards will give you the ability to display arrows and chevrons, while the message board has the capability of displaying up to 4 lines of text and 18 characters per line. These units can be controlled in cab, with no need to physically touch the boards. These signs are available in various sizes to suit your needs.

Silent Sentinel Arrow Boards are widely used for construction and traffic control. These units are simple and portable, with either a 15 or 25 lamp configuration. These units are used for simple arrows and chevrons and can not display text or graphics.

Radar Speed trailers are available in two sizes for highway and residential usage. These signs are designed to slow traffic for safety in neighborhoods, work zones, road construction, and other venues. Data collection is built in for easy analysis and statistical analysis such as mean and median speeds as well as traffic statistics. With the included cellular service you can see the statistics offsite, from to comfort of your office.

Silent Message Boards are designed to provide information to improve traffic flow and safety in work areas for both drivers and workers. Theses signs come in 4 different sizes to suit your needs and specification. As well as all the other message boards these are NTCIP compatible and meet all standards and specifications required. Included is lifetime cellular service and access to command center. These units are controlled by a touch screen controller that needs no manual to use, the easiest in the industry. As well as all other equipment these are configurable to your specs. such as color, decals, or other solar or charger options. These signs use a full matrix board which gives you better visibility, legibility and impact. They are graphics compatible which means your not just limited to text. Full matrix allows you to use the entire board for messages, you aren't limited to one line giving you the ability to extend letters and graphics to increase visibility and clarity. Also available are incident response trailers that include a message board on a trailer with 10 barrels and 25 traffic cones, giving you the ability to close a lane from one vehicle.

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