Q - Why should I install a solar energy system on my home or business?

A - Solar provides the ability to reduce your dependence on the utility company and aging power grid. Solar energy also reduces our environmental impact by reducing the consumption of natural resources such as coal or natural gas.

Q - Why should I go solar now?

A - Currently there is a 26% Federal Tax Credit available which reduces the overall system cost, electricity rates are constantly on the raise. Installing a system now protects you from these constant rate increases while preserving our environment.

Q - Does my roof need to face directly south in order to go solar?

A - While optimum production in this area suggests a southern exposure, we can work with just about any roof not facing north.

Q - Will the solar array put holes in my roof, or be too heavy?

A - Depending on your roofing material, penetrations may be required. If required, this is mechanically and chemically flashed to ensure weatherproof, these carry a lifetime warranty as well. The overall weight impression on the roof is minimal however a load analysis will be performed prior to installation.

Q - How much roof space will I need for a solar array? + How many panels do I need?

A - This is all based on the current energy consumption, future estimations, as well as a property specific shade analysis.

Q - How long will a solar installation take?

A - Depending on system size, a typical residential installation can take anywhere from 3-5 days.

Q - How will I know if the solar array is working?

A - System monitoring is provided that will permit you to view system production on a panel or array level over various time frames. This is also monitored by us to ensure the system is operating normally.

Q - What does an average system cost?

A - This is based on the current amount of energy consumed and other variables. The average residential system costs around $25,000 before federal incentives excluding batteries.

Q - Can a solar array increase the value of my home?

A - Yes, potential buyers may view this as a value adder as it will eliminate or greatly reduce one of their major utility bills.

Q - Will I see a difference in how my lights or appliances run?

A - There will be no change in how your property functions or consumes electricity.