How Does Solar Energy Work?

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Turn the sun's rays into renewable energy

Pennsylvania Solar Energy Company Inc. of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Cranberry Township, & Washington, PA stands behind solar power because it's a clean, renewable energy source. A solar power system produces electricity by converting the sun's UV rays into clean and useable energy. When struck by light, photons within the photovoltaic solar panel begin to excite the electrons within the panel and produce a renewable energy source.

This reaction produces direct current electricity, which then needs to be transformed to alternating current, which can then be used to power your appliances. This is done with a central-inverter system (DC system) or a micro-inverter system (AC system). A DC system is centrally located in your home or business and comes with a few drawbacks. It tends to lose energy and pose noise and safety concerns. We recommend that you choose an AC system.

AC vs DC Technology

An AC system uses micro-inverters located on the roof beneath each solar panel to transform energy. The installation is completed on the roof, which:

  • Allows for greater efficiency of the panel system.
  • Prevents energy loss.
  • Eliminates the need for an unattractive centralized-mounted inverter.
The electricity an AC system produces is transmitted to your load center, where it's then distributed, consumed or credited back to the utility company.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of solar energy or schedule a solar panel installation, contact Pennsylvania Solar Energy Company in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Cranberry Township, & Washington, PA today.