What Are Your Solar Installation Options?

What Are Your Solar Installation Options?

Learn more about solar energy systems in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Cranberry Township, & Washington, PA

When you choose Pennsylvania Solar Energy Company Inc., you'll have the opportunity to choose a solar energy system that's best for your property. Our Washington, PA-based company offers a wide range of solar installation options to suit your energy needs.

Roof-mounted systems provide you with the ability to utilize a typically unused surface. In order to be a candidate for a roof-mounted system, your roof should be southern facing to obtain optimal energy harvest. We design all of the roof-mounted systems in-house to fit your needs. As a result, we produce sleek, attractive solar panels that complement your home or business. When designing your roof-mounted system, we take your roof's life expectancy, load capacity, height and length into consideration.

Ground-mounted systems utilize unused space on your property. The system can be as big or as small as your electrical demands require. All ground-mounted systems are designed in-house according to your property's needs and specifications. These systems can be built to match a perfect pitch to provide an optional and efficient energy harvest. They're also installed so that they complement your property.

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We also offer many other solar panel installation options and products, from portable trailers to solar-powered LED streetlights. Here are a few of your other solar panel installation options:

  • Portable trailers offer the ability to transport a solar generator to a job site, campsite or disaster relief area.
  • RV systems give you the freedom to stop where you want, not just where power is available.
  • Solar-powered LED streetlights provide a more efficient and brighter light source than traditional incandescent bulbs without the need for grid power.
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