Solar Towers in Pittsburgh, Greensburg & Washington, PA

Solar powered tower trailers by Solar Tech are towable, trailers pre-configured or configurable to meet your specifications and demands. These towers are available in both 30 feet and 42 feet max height. These can be used in a wide range of applications, including attaching security equipment, comm. relays, satellite comm., weather sensors, wifi hotspots, remote cameras, to police traffic control devices, traffic studies, and phased array radars, the possibilities are endless. The 30 and 42 foot trailers are built on a heavy duty all steel trailer, with torsion type axles for a smooth stable ride. There are 4 3000 lb swivel jacks to allow easy setup and leveling. With polyethylene fenders and lockable battery control compartments, as well as an anti theft battery frames to protect the batteries. These units are built to last, which is backed up with the 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Being that these trailers are made in the state of PA, these aren't finished to standards of trailers produced elsewhere, they are primed with a polyamide epoxy primer for rust and corrosion protection, then finished with an acrylic urethane top coat for durability. Custom colors and decals are available, upon request.

The camera trailers are equipped with a Bosch 7000 series autodome camera, capable of day and night operation with a 28x or 36x optical zoom (12x digital zoom), with wide dynamic range and sodium vapor white balance mode that restores objects to their original color. These cameras have the latest technology to provide security on site. Some of these features allow you to block out areas in the field of view to eliminate false hits, or even be set up to record a site next to the freeway, only turning on when there is activity on site blocking out the traffic.

The portable light towers are fitted with 8 50 watt lamps with a output of 4600 lumens per lamp, for a total of 36,800 lumens, directionally adjustable. These towers give you the ability to have light wherever you require it with little to no maintenance. No gas or diesel is required the sun charges the batteries for silent running. These units can be optioned with upgraded charge controllers and larger arrays for a longer run time, and additional equipment such as sensors and cameras.

Also offered is a bare solar powered tower in both 30 and 42 foot heights. This unit gives you the ability to attach a multitude of equipment to, to suit your needs. These units can be used for satellite communication, surveillance, to mobile hot spots, the possibilities are endless.

Solar Tower Trailers can be configured in house to fit your needs and specifications, from upgraded charge controllers and larger arrays for longer run time, to custom colors and graphics to suit your needs.

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